Top Places in Abu Dhabi for Buying Villas

For people, one of the major goals in their lives is to have their own houses, so they do not have to worry about weekly or monthly rent. Whether you have a small income or make millions, owning a house or real estate is still one of the top priorities. If you feel that it is time for you to buy your own house or upgrade to a better option, then Abu Dhabi has some of the best places to offer.

Abu Dhabi has so many places that you can visit and buy your dream house but there are three places that have become extremely popular lately. These places offer charming neighborhoods, modern facilities, and beautiful houses. It’s time to see what these three major places are and why they’ve become so popular.

Al Reef

This community is known for being very popular in the entire Abu Dhabi, featuring some of the most family-friendly neighborhoods. Its location is in really high demand, where one of the most attractive factors is affordable prices.

Al Reef had won the award for selling the most amount of villas in entire Abu Dhabi back in 2018. In the community, you can buy villas at very reasonable rates. The development company behind the construction of the entire community has developed the villas, keeping in mind the village themes.

The villas are suitable for families looking for multiple-bedroom units. There are villas with 2 bedroom units and some of the villas have up to 5 bedroom units. You won’t have to worry about the beauty and brightness of these estates because the developers have ensured that is all taken care of.

The average price of the villas at Al Reef is around AED 1.6 Million. If you are interested in visiting the community, you have to be off the main island, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

Hydra Village

The next most attractive community in Abu Dhabi to buy villas is the Hydra Village. The community is quite popular among buyers wanting to get their hands on some of the most beautifully designed and developed villas at very affordable rates.

When it comes to buying villas, Hydra Village is known for being one of the most affordable areas in entire Abu Dhabi. If you go for this community, you will have very high convenience because it has easy access to Abu Dhabi. The community has the same accessibility and convenience offered for Dubai.

Most of the villas developed in Hydra Village feature up to 3 bedroom units and the minimum number of bedroom units is 2. If you are looking for interiors that are very spacious and bright, then Hydra Village Villas could be the right decision for you.

Despite offering great accessibility to two major cities including Abu Dhabi, and some of the most spacious villas, Hydra Village is quite affordable. The average selling price of the villas in the community revolves around AED 1.05 Million.

Al Raha Gardens

Known to be one of the oldest communities for villas in Abu Dhabi, Al Raha Gardens is situated at one of the prime locations in the city. The location of the community is just off the Shahama Highway (E10) in Abu Dhabi.

Whether you are looking for villas or townhouses, Al Raha Gardens is here to offer all of them. The majority of the housing estates at the Al Raha Gardens feature a minimum of 3 bedroom units and go up 5 bedroom units.

You will find these villas to be very spacious and designed to give a traditional Arabian feel. There is ample storage in each villa at the community and you have maid’s room as well as private gardens. The average price for the villas at Al Raha Gardens is around AED 3 Million.


If you have struggled very hard in your life that you have come to a point where you can buy a lavish house, then choose wisely. These communities may be out of your budget but the peace and neighborhoods they offer are what you can wish for. If you have other areas in mind, then you’re free to explore them, but I suggest that you add these communities to the consideration list.

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