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Realty Force Real Estate Becomes Top Performing Agency 2023

Realty Force Real Estate Becomes Top Performing Agency 2023

A boutique agency that specializes in high-end luxury properties, Realty Force Real Estate, has been given the award of the Top Performing Agency 2023.

This was in recognition of its deep understanding of the sales landscapes of Expo City and its vision for sustainable, innovative and human-centric urban development.

The recognition

Two tesla cars were given to Realty Force in different categories, which validated the comprehensive expertise of the compact firm in futuristic and high-end developments like Expo City.

The boutique agency was able to facilitate sales of more than AED 176 million in Expo City, which is a remarkable as well as rare feat.

It managed to accomplish this via a value-over-volume approach that it used for dealing with real estate transactions.

Riyaz Merchant, the CEO, has led the firm in building a commendable sales track record over the years, which is characterized by reliability, transparency and meticulous attention to detail.

These competencies have benefitted sellers and buyers in the best way and this has enabled Realty Force to continue increasing its award tally.

The CEO stated that due to its cutting-edge technologies, people-centric design and sustainability, Expo City was the epitome of a futuristic urban development.

He added that its vision had aligned with theirs from the beginning and this had encouraged them to take a professional and special interest in it.

He stated that it was this conviction that empowered them to convey the value of the project to the buyers and ensure that it was aligned with their aspirations.

The performance

Realty Force has proven to be adept at sniffing out good projects before they become popular and this gives them an early-mover advantage, allowing investors to enjoy huge returns.

A record-breaking rental deal was orchestrated by the agency, which was of a villa in Palm Jumeirah. It also sold a garden house in the same location.

This was before it conducted the transaction of the most expensive property in District One worth AED 89 million, a record it continues to hold.

Beneath these impressive numbers, Realty Force has built a strong foundation of trust, which it has accomplished through its consistent efforts of building customer relationships over the years.

These go beyond just the transactions it makes. The agency’s purpose-driven approach is reflected in its association with Expo City.

Expo City

Expo City’s VP of Sales, Karim ElSayyad, said that the project is the legacy of the most defining accomplishment of the UAE recently i.e. Expo 2020 Dubai.

It is a symbol of the determination and grit of the nation of hosting a global event successfully in the face of unprecedented crisis.

It also provides a promising picture of a future comprising of technological innovations, sustainability and tolerance.

He added that they were pleased to have the assistance of companies like Realty Force that have helped them in driving their vision forward and co-write the great history of Expo City.

During the pandemic, Realty Force had managed to accomplish significant milestones and earned various honors in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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