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Property Lead Conversion Platform Tripler Launched in the UAE

The first revolutionary property lead conversion platform in the world, Tripler, announced that it is officially launching in the United Arab Emirates.

The announcement said that it would introduce a game-changing way of generating leads and can transform businesses, particularly large corporations and real estate agents.

They would be able to triple their capabilities of generating real estate leads, all thanks to its ground-breaking technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With this technology, agents would be able to understand the intent, meaning and urgency of every buyer in the market.

The platform

Sam Singh, serial entrepreneur and AI inventor, founded Tripler and has been called the creator of the smart lead.

Amy is the name given to the platform’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and it is an innovative approach, which is considered as a major milestone in the field of AI.

ProperTech AI Ltd. has become the first company to develop a platform offering data, which this specific AI can extract.

Furthermore, there are 20 different data points that the platform offers and it has six in-built AI tools for helping agents in effectively closing the deals, which include ChatGPT.

Sam Singh

The founder of Tripler, Sam Singh talked about the platform’s launch in the UAE and his vision. He said that their goal had been to harness the power of AI for the purpose of lead generation.

He stated that they had recognized the capabilities of AI and how it could transform businesses in various industries.

Therefore, they had come up with a solution aimed at empowering large corporations, real estate agents and more for helping them unlock their lead generation potential.

He went on to say that Dubai’s real estate sector offers a massive scale of opportunities and ‘protech’ could play a key role in transforming the sector.

The founder of Tripler said that their platform could prove to be a pioneering concept in the emirate.

The technology

The proprietary MIU (Mind-Intent Urgency) technology of Tripler’s AI is the primary reason behind its success.

The technology uses deep learning algorithms for analyzing the voice of potential buyers, not only to understand their words, but also evaluate their underlying intent, emotions and urgency.

As it is able to understand the intentions and needs of the users, Tripler’s AI is able to help businesses in generating leads that are thrice more likely to convert into customers.

A white-labeling services called Tripler Labs is also offered by Tripler AI, which assists businesses in leveraging the cutting-edge technology of the company, while maintaining their identity and brand.

Enterprises can use Tripler Labs for integrating the MIU technology of Tripler AI into their existing processes and systems seamlessly.

With more than 100 years of cumulative experience, the management team of Tripler has helped facilitate property transactions of more than $1 billion.

This remarkable technology was developed in five years and rigorous trials were carried out in four different locations.

These include Mumbai, London, UAE and New York and almost 2,200 companies participated in the trials to prove that the technology works.

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