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Mered Makes its Entry in the UAE Market with DIC Project

International real estate developer Meredhas announced that it is officially launching in the United Arab Emirates.

It will now set up its base in Dubai and its team will comprise of world-class artisans, industry experts and accomplished craftsmen.

The goal

Now that Mered is launching its brand, it will also make an announcement of its flagship project, which will be located at Dubai Internet City.

It is the leading technological hub of the region and the area is also a vibrant one that connects seamlessly to the major attractions in the emirate.

These includethe inviting Jumeirah beaches, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. According to Mered, it wants to push the real estate boundaries in the UAE.

It plans on doing so by focusing on development of opulent places that would be able to enrich the lives of the people.

They would also be able to withstand the test of time due to the exceptional build quality as well as values.

The projects undertaken by Mered are a unique combination of care for the environment, human-centric experiences, love for architecture and design and the most advanced and recent technology.

Their goal is to ensure that every piece of real estate serves as an exquisite collection piece that buyers across generations will be able to cherish.

The project

Mered has said that they will use top-class amenities and architecture for the DIC project, which is a reflection of their visionary approach to Dubai.

Pininfarina, the Italian group renowned for its architecture and design, is developing the architecture of the DIC project.

The Pininfarina brand began its journey 90 years ago in the automotive world and it has collaborated with some of the renowned car brands in the world.

These include Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and others. This has helped the Italian brand in evolving into a lifestyle and architecture design house, which is globally sought-after.

Now it has become the standard-bearer of design aesthetics from Italy.

The brand’s architectural accomplishments include innovative and elegant developments in Washington, Florida, Singapore and Spain, along with award-winning projects in Brazil.

The statement

RamilGuliev, the chief executive of Mered, said that they were thrilled to launch their brand in the UAE because the country is well-known for its grandeur, innovation and forward-thinking.

He said that they are committed to building and creating excellence and unparalleled living experiences due to which they had created a team comprising of the world’s best development, design and construction experts.

He went on to say that they do not consider projects as buildings; instead, they view them as unique places that reflect the needs and aspirations of their customers.

This highlights the fact that Mered is genuinely concerned about the impact they have on the city and the community.

The DIC project aimed to provide a blend of beauty and technology for creating a breathtaking development that would have a positive impact on Dubai’s growing metropolitan hub.

Guliev said that their commitment to delivering quality, attention to detail and team of industry experts would help in shaping a new architectural icon in Dubai.

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