Merc-Benz and Binghatti to Build Luxury Residential Tower in Dubai

Merc-Benz and Binghatti to Build Luxury Residential Tower in Dubai

Luxury automotive firm Merc-Benz and Binghatti Properties, based in UAE, have decided to join hands for creating a luxury residential tower in Downtown Dubai.

The groundbreaking project will be called Mercedes-Benz Places I Binghatti. According to Binghatti Proprerties, the 65-storeyed building would be 341m tall and would redefine the skyline of Downtown.

The project

The architectural masterpiece will be constructed within the heart of Downtown Dubai and would be surrounded by some of the most eminent landmarks of the emirate.

These include Dubai Mall and the real-estate icon would also offer clear views of Burj Khalifa to the residents.

A shared passion for innovation and iconic design has brought the two companies together and it is a merger of the world of automotive excellence and real estate.

According to a top official, this partnership would help in setting new standards when it comes to luxury living and design.

Muhammad BinGhatti, the CEO of Binghatti Properties, said that they were excited to be working with an iconic name like Mercedes-Benz for developing the company’s first branded residence in the world.

He added that it was not just another real estate development, but would also focus on mobility and community and would establish a new benchmark for intelligent living.

The focus

Mercedes-Benz and Binghatti have been working on the said project’s details for more than a year now. Their primary focus during this time has been to develop a customer-centered approach.

The goal is to put the needs of the future residents first in order to deliver a unique living experience to them.

The design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz revolves around Sensual Purity and the project’s architecture also follows the same.

The aim is to create beautiful and timeless spaces that can offer purity and serenity. Mercedes-Benz Places Dubai will combine intelligent mobility solutions with smart home technologies.

This would help them in redefining convenience and comfort, all put together in a luxurious and modern living space.

The statement

A board member of Mercedes-Benz Britta Seeger said that the new project would help them in moving beyond the automotive industry and help in creating outstanding brand moments.

He added that Binghatti was a great partner because of the many years of experience they have in real estate development.

With Mercedes-Benz and Binghatti partnering on the first real-estate branded project of the automotive company, it would become a symbol of innovation, excellence and that of luxury living in Dubai.

He went on to say that that Mercedez-Benz has decided to launch their first branded, residential real estate project for creating desirable and new grounds that can inherit the DNA of their brand.

He said that it would also provide their clients a place where they can arrive, unwind and feel at home as well.

There will be a launch event conducted on January 24th in Dubai to commence the collaboration and they will announce more details about the project.

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