Indian and Chinese Property Buyers in Dubai Demand Vastu, Feng Shui-Compliant Homes

Indian and Chinese Property Buyers in Dubai Demand Vastu, Feng Shui-Compliant Homes

Chinese and Indian property buyers have shown increasing demand and interest in purchasing properties in Dubai that are Feng Shui Vastu-compliant.

According to some real estate industry insiders, Dubai does have some Vastu-compliant homes available, but it is not the norm for developers to categorize or prioritize Feng Shui and Vastu-compliant homes.

The rationale

Feng Shui or Vastu are ancient Chinese and Indian practices that are used for maximizing the use of objects and space that harmonize with the environment and offer residents peace.

The rationale behind these homes they utilize space in an excellent way, are easy to use, offer proper light and ventilation, bring in natural light and incorporate natural elements, such as plan.

In addition, they also use colors that can promote feelings of positivity amongst people. According to one expert, incorporation of Vastu principles in designing villas is not just a passing trend.

It is a reflection of a deep-seated belief that it can bring harmony, wealth, happiness and good health. Moreover, the approach does not just apply to design and layout.

In fact, it is also applicable to details, such as furniture arrangement, room shape and even the direction of rooms.

Vastu principles are believed to have an impact on the negative and positive energies that surround humans, potentially affecting their overall well-being and daily lives.

The demand

In the last two years, there has been unprecedented demand seen in the property market in Dubai, which has pushed up prices to record highs.

This is due to the fact that buyers from various cultures flocked to Dubai for purchasing properties. Last year, Indian buyers topped the list, while Chinese buyers were also in the list of top 10.

These Indian and Chinese nationals have shown a growing interest in Feng-Shui and Vastu-compliant homes in Dubai.

There has been a rise in inquiries for these type of units. People seek Vastu-compliant units in north, or northeast directions, which shows there is a niche market for this category.

Cultural beliefs have driven the demand for Feng Shui and Vastu-compliant homes and people want to align their living spaces with principles that can bring prosperity and harmony.

Vastu-compliant homes

Several industry participants confirmed that the volume of inquiries specifically related to Vastu-compliant homes has risen significantly.

Indian clients are the ones who purchase Vastu-compliant homes, as they account for almost 50% to 70% of these homes.

These buyers are usually end-users rather than investors because they seek self-occupancy. Others said that while they do receive inquiries for Vastu-compliant homes, the same does not apply to Feng Shui.

Since Hindus practice Vastu, there are a lot of Indian and Pakistani buyers who prioritize homes that are Vastu-compliant.

As for Feng Shui, it has its origins in China, which means that Chinese clients are more likely to practice it.

They also added that finding fully compliant homes can be quite challenging, so individual clients have to decide how much they are willing to compromise on these principles.   

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