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Best Places to Get Low Rent Flats or Apartments in Dubai

While many believe that housing costs in Dubai are decreasing, many tenants are still searching for affordable apartments for rent in this city. According to Dubai’s rental index, you can expect to pay somewhere between as high as 116,000 Dirhams for a one-bedroom apartment in the popular Jumeirah Beach Residence neighborhood.

However, not all areas are the same when it comes to rental prices. If you’re willing to consider other nearby communities, you can find similarly sized apartments at a more affordable distance. To make your search easier, mentioned below are a few poplar neighborhoods where you can discover surprisingly economical and cheap flats for rent in Dubai. These locations not only offer budget-friendly rents, but also provide access to essential amenities at affordable prices.

Al Qusais can be an Economical Option

Al Qusais, a residential area in Dubai, holds the distinction of being one of the oldest districts in the city. Situated near Al Qusais Industrial Area 1, it’s remarkable how this neighborhood manages to offer a wide range of lifestyle amenities in close proximity to industrial regions. This area truly excels at meeting the needs of its residents by providing essential as well as recreational facilities. Within easy reach, you’ll find numerous supermarkets, restaurants, clinics, and more, ensuring convenience in everyday life.

Moreover, Dubai Airport Terminal 1 and 3 are just a 15-minute drive away, adding to the accessibility factor. If you prefer public transportation, you have multiple options. You can opt for buses or taxis, but the nearby Al Nahda or Stadium metro stations offer a more convenient choice. The Al Qusais area boasts five Green Line metro stations, making it an excellent location to search for rental properties in Al Qusais Dubai with exceptional connectivity through the Dubai metro system.

Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 Could be Worth a Shot

Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 holds a special place as one of Dubai’s oldest industrial hubs. With its strategic location, this location provides excellent connectivity to the rest of the city, thanks to its proximity to bustling streets like Al Khail Road, Al Asayel Street, Latifa Bint Hamdan Street and more. Within this vibrant housing community, you’ll find cheap flats for rent in Al Quoz, Dubai, alongside notable landmarks such as Dubai Hills Gold Club, Jumeirah University and Al Khail Mall.

Moreover, the neighborhood is home to numerous supermarkets, making it an affordable and convenient place to live in the city. Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 is further divided into two sections: residential and industrial, offering a well-organized layout. Transportation is well-managed in the neighborhood of Al Quoz Industrial Area 2. Residents of this area enjoy smooth access to public transportation, including two metro stations and various bus stops. The presence of bus stops at regular intervals makes it incredibly convenient to move around the city.

Al Satwa is another Worthwhile Option

Al Satwa, a charming district in Dubai, is often referred to simply as Satwa. It is conveniently located near Sheikh Zayed Road and is surrounded by the vibrant neighborhoods of Jumeirah and Bur Dubai. The streets of Al Satwa are filled with bustling stores, creating a lively atmosphere. While the streets may be a bit congested, the residential area itself maintains a peaceful and serene ambiance. Interestingly, the presence of gated communities adds to the appeal of Al Satwa, making it an attractive choice for families in search of affordable flats for rent in Dubai.

In recent times, Satwa has experienced significant growth with the emergence of new housing and business developments. Moreover, Al Satwa stands out as one of the best districts in Dubai for those who don’t drive, thanks to its well-organized and extensive public transportation network. The district offers a diverse mix of residential and business properties. If you’re looking for a place to live, you can explore a range of options, including villas, single or double bedroom apartments, and even studios. Additionally, there are plenty of offices and retail spaces available.

Final Thoughts

While there are a few other locations where you could potentially find cheap houses and apartments for rent in Dubai, the ones mentioned here are arguably the most popular. Consider checking these areas out and you are sure to find something that matches your budget.



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