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Bayut Launches first AI-Powered Property Search Assistant in the UAE

A leading property portal in the UAE, Bayut, has pioneered innovations in recent years in the protechsector, with a number of innovations developed for meeting the evolving needs of the space.

Some of the industry-defining products that Bayut has managed to introduce include Search 2.0 and TruCheck.

Now, the company has taken a step forward to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly into the property search experience.


It has accomplished this goal with the launch of the first AI-powered property search assistant named BayutGPT in the region.

This cutting-edge innovation is aimed at refining the property search experience, which is already quite advanced, to cater to a diverse user base in the UAE.

Users can enjoy a more personalized and interactive journey when they are navigating the dynamic real estate market in the UAE, thanks to BayutGPT.

The primary goal of the AI-powered property search assistant is to use a conversational manner to interact with property seekers on Bayutand make data-enriched recommendations.

Property seekers can use BayutGPTfor simplifying the complex UAE real estate market landscape and find what they are looking for.

The features

Bayut has harnessed the capabilities of artificial intelligence for maintaining a competitive edge in the real estate market, which has continued to evolve.

BayutGPT has been designed to help seasoned investors, first-time buyer and even those who are simply interested in exploring the market.

It accomplishes this task by curating the property search and providing answers to questions that users might have.

It is possible for users to ask the AI-powered assistant questions about the average rental yields in various communities.

The assistant can also offer guidance about the popular Dubai locations, personalized property recommendations according to preferences and the availability of bed types in different locations.

The statement

The Head of the Dubizzle Group MENA and the chief executive of Bayut, Haider Khan, commented on this major announcement.

He said that the launch of BayutGPT was undoubtedly a major step forward for the platform and it would help them in staying ahead of the curve.

The CEO went on to say that with BayutGPT, property seekers in the United Arab Emirates would be able to enhance their search experience significantly.

He asserted that the development of BayutGPT had allowed them to take advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

They would use it for digging deeper into the property search journey for their users, which can prove to be quite complex.

As per the CEO, the milestone highlights the commitment of Bayut to continue innovation and would help them establish a new standard of excellence in the real estate sector.

The chief executive said that they were looking forward to using BayutGPTfor exploring the real estate industry in a new way.

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