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Azizi Builds Futuristic Experience Center in 35 Days

One of UAE’s leading private real estate developer, Azizi Developments, took just 35 days to build its newest and futuristic two-storey Experience Center, which covers an area of 43,000 square-foot.

Azizibuilt the 12-meter tall, extravagant and glass façade-covered structure from A to Z, which includes numerous technologically enabled and innovative touchpoints.

The Center

It has an auditorium with a capacity of 30 people, a stunning skylight, spacious open-plan offices, lavish marble flooring and a dining hall that can accommodate 150 people.

The space also hosts intricate scale models of the new community of Aziziand has been developed with the convenience and comfort of the stakeholders as priority.

Therefore, the Experience Center offers visitors the opportunity to experience the various marvels of the community to gain a better understanding of the value it offers.

The sizeable Experience Center is located in Dubai’s Golf District, which is growth-inclined and highly prestigious.

It is part of the soon-to-be-announced master planned community of Azizi Developments that covers an area of 15 million square feet and its total GFA would be more than 24 million square feet.

The exact plans about the community will be revealed by the developer in an upcoming launch event to be hosted on September 27th, 2023 in the Coca-Cola Arena, City Walk.

The developer

Azizi has accelerated construction on all of its projects and its announcement about the swift completion of the Experience Center also comes as part of this move.

A number of proactive steps have been taken by the highly driven developer for breathing life into its various projects across the UAE and beyond.

The CEO of Azizi Developments, FarhadAzizisaid that they had developed their Experience Center for creating a knowledge transfer environment that would be in line with the technological innovation and extravagance of their high-end community.

He added that they wanted to provide all their stakeholders with a great time in their Experience Center, be it their channel partners, valued clients or anyone who does business with them.

More details

The CEO said that the development cycle of 35 days of their stunning Experience Center had covered everything from the conceptualization, the exceptional construction and the quality finishing.

He added that it was a reflection of their diligent efforts to provide high construction quality without making any sacrifices in terms of speed.

Mr. Azizi said that they were directing their energy towards not only offering high levels of build quality, but also to ensure speedy development.

Therefore, they were gearing up to complete all their projects before their scheduled completion dates in order to benefit the industry stakeholders.

The CEO said that everyone would benefit from early completion of projects, which include their channel partners, end users, the UAE’s authorities, valued investors and even the developer itself.

Consequently, they have now prioritized their properties and have improved their quality levels significantly to ensure that their stakeholders are happy with the results.

The land for Azizi’s luxury community is extremely well-positioned and can offer a great deal of value when completed.

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