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Arista Properties Makes its Debut in the UAE Real Estate Market

Arista Properties Makes its Debut in the UAE Real Estate Market

The real estate sector makes up a major part of the economy of the UAE, as almost 5.5% of the GDP is contributed by it.

One of the fourth-busiest ultra-prime property market in the world, Dubai, recorded an impressive 40% increase in the third quarter of the year to AED 97.55 billion from AED 69.5 billion a year earlier.

With Dubai cementing its status as a regional hub for business and finance, its tangible impact on the real estate market has also become apparent.

It has drawn a number of investors and players and this is likely to lead to more development within the real estate sector.

The entry

One of the new players include Arista Properties, which is making its way to the real estate market in the UAE.

In the next three to four years, the company would make considerable investments in the sector worth AED 5 billion.

The company will introduce a new perspective to luxury living and would establish new benchmarks in the sector by incorporating elegance and bespoke designs in every project.

Arista is standing at the forefront of the evolving real estate landscape in Dubai, as it has recognized the stature of the city as major market for HNWIs and UHNWIs.

The aim

Luxury has become a statement in Dubai and not just a lifestyle and Arista will step in it for redefining opulence.

Arista is well-aware of the limited opportunities in Dubai when it comes to premium properties and it plans on distinguishing itself through new ideas of exclusivity.

The company will introduce a portfolio that comprises of the most lavish and exquisite residences that can cater to the desire of the customers for the extraordinary.

Arista’s Head of Media Relations, Srishti Gaur, said that they were happy to enter the UAE market and were aware that the dynamic market offers unparalleled potential.

With its diverse population, thriving economy and visionary leadership, the UAE is in alignment with the commitment of Arista when it comes to redefining luxury living.

Further details

He added that Arista prioritizes quality over quantity and they plan on intensive space planning for providing premium living that would seamlessly align with their customers’ lifestyle.

He stated that their services would not only help in redefining luxury living, but also help the real estate industry scale new heights.

In order to create exceptional living spaces, Arista intends to bring together the finest architects, designers and landscapers.

This would help the developer in creating homes that are able to resonate with the diverse taste of families that are interested in luxury.

In fact, Arista Properties also plans on entering the commercial real estate market in the coming years, which would see it develop luxury commercial spaces.

It is not just a conventional real estate developer, but ensures the prosperity of the communities it is involved with.

Its value system comprises of three pillars, which are Spaceless Living, Boundless Experiences and Timeless Elegance and its official sales partner would be real estate agency, One Broker Group.

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