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Ajman Bank Launches its Real Estate Subsidiary

Ajman Bank Launches its Real Estate Subsidiary

One of UAE’s leading Islamic financial institutions, Ajman Bank, has announced the launch of a fully owned and dynamic new subsidiary focused on real estate management named Skyrise Properties.

The subsidiary has its headquarters in the UAE and it is aimed at revolutionizing the region’s property sector.

The launch

This strategic move is an important chapter in the transformation journey of Ajman Bank, which will bring innovation and diversification and complement the core offerings of the institution.

It will offer a range of services, which include sales, third-party evaluations, property management, facility management supervision, brokerage and leasing.

The CEO of Ajman Bank, Mustafa Al Khalfawi, made the announcement and said that the launch of Skyrise Properties was an important milestone for the financial institution.

He stated that the venture was a key step for them in the world of real estate and property management and they plan on redefining standards and establishing new benchmarks.

He added that they had a clear mission, which was to not just elevate their real estate subsidiary to new heights, but do the same for Ajman Bank.

Skyrise Properties

The real estate subsidiary will initially manage the varying real estate portfolio of Ajman Bank, along with external customers, as it aims to become a big player in the market.

Moreover, Skyrise Properties will be operating as an autonomous entity that will have its own distinct team, systems and identity.

The CEO of Skyrise Properties will be Mohammed Al Shamsi. He has been working for Ajman Bank for about 9 years.

The seasoned professional has more than 25 years of extensive experience in the real estate and retail sectors.

According to Al Khalfawi, the independent structure of Skyrise Properties would help foster responsiveness, growth and innovation.

He also added that it would also empower the team to meet the needs of its diverse clientele. He stated that he was confident about the proven track record of Mohammed Al Shamsi.

The new CEO is also currently a board member at Aqaar, which is likely to benefit the progress of Skyrise Properties. He went on to say that they could achieve new heights of growth and success together.

Ajman Bank

Boasting an ambitious vision, Ajman Bank is an Islamic institution that has adopted the values of transparency, integrity and trust for providing a wide array of high quality and Sharia-compliant services.

It caters to government institutions, companies and individuals across the UAE. The bank also keeps up with the latest technology and has revived the human touch to deliver a distinctive experience.

With its headquarters in Ajman, the bank enjoys a great deal of support from the Government of Ajman and it is also a key pillar in the developing strategy of the emirate’s economy.

The bank has also continued to make efforts to establish an important position in the banking industry and aims to provide value to its customers and shareholders alike.

Therefore, it has emphasized on the need to strike an optimal balance in the caring staff and community.

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