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50% Growth Expected in UAE Women Realty Investment in 2023

According to the data shared by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) recently, there has been a contribution of about AED58.8 billion, or $16 billion, to the real estate sector by women.

The real estate market of the United Arab Emirates has seen women investment increase according to the recent data from the market.

Women investors rise

In 2022, there was a surge in the number of women investors in UAE’s real estate sector, as compared to a year earlier.

This highlights a major trend of escalating financial independence amongst women. As a matter of fact, it is expected that throughout 2023, this trend will gain further momentum.

According to market projections, the metric is actually on track to exceed expectations of a 50% rise year-on-year (YoY) by the end of this year.

A recent report from the government also said that 30% of the property in Dubai is currently owned by women.

This indicates that the gender is making a significant economic contribution and is also a testament to the growing influence of women on the financial landscape of the nation.

It is not just the magnitude that defines the remarkable growth in the investment portfolios of women, but also the diversity.

Investment diversification

Women investors have not just focused on one sector and have opted to diversify their investments across different asset classes.

Some of these classes include bonds, stocks, real estate as well as alternative investments. In fact, the choices that women investors are making across key sectors are actually deliberate.

These choices not only reflect their socio-economic outlook, but also their financial aspirations. A major cornerstone is the real estate sector, as almost 40% of investments from women are in this sector.

But, it is certainly not the only sector that women seem to be favoring for making their investments, as there are several others that have attracted investments.


The second prominent sector in terms of women investments is technology, with takes a share of 30%, while 20% of the investments have also been made in Healthcare.

As far as the remaining 10% is concerned, it has been spread across diverse sectors, which highlights the multifaceted nature of the investment interests of women.

Hedge & Sachs’ Board Member and CEO, Rachit Pant, said that the steady growth seen in women’s investment highlights their rising strategic prowess and financial literacy.

He said that they are also contributing to the economic development of the UAE. He also added that women are using a meticulous approach where diversification is concerned.

This is evident from their investments in the real estate, healthcare, technology and other sectors and they are also aligning their values with their investments.

It should be noted that the rise in women’s investments in the United Arab Emirates is not just another statistic.

Instead, it should be considered as a sign of progression and empowerment, as women appear to be playing a major role in shaping the economic trajectory of the nation.

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